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I'm just me. I have a studio apartment, a 13" tv that's about to be useless because I didn't get my stupid converter box thingy for when the big digi-switch happens, and a computer with internet. And notebooks. Lots and lots of notebooks.

It's not much, but I guess the plus side of not being much is not costing much, so I can spend less time at the job I hate and more time trying to write. I'm not a very good writer though. I have no plans for things, I just get a flash of something, jot it down and wonder why it's crap. But I figure as long as I'm writing something -- even it's just a 3 line poem (or ever-growing LJ bio) it's a chance to get better. Hone the craft so to speak, and maybe some day when I feel better about my mad drabbling skillz, the confidence and ideas for longer things will come.

So I'm mostly using this journal for writing. Mostly new stuff, but I also want to go through my notebooks and probably put some of that here too. But there might be a bit show meta, too.